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Aesthetic Surgery for Men

There is simply no reason for anyone to go through life discontent with the image they see in the mirror.  Dr. Sykes is exceptionally skilled at reshaping noses, augmenting chins, providing fat transfers to plump up gaunt cheeks, and other treatments that improve the balance and proportion of your facial features.

In your case
Your private consultation with Dr. Sykes is your opportunity to talk about the facial features you don’t like and what can be done to correct those features.  The doctor is skilled at working with men’s facial anatomy and can help you explore the possibilities and ways to approach aesthetic changes.  In addition to talking about the types of treatment available and how they are performed, your doctor will tell you about the costs and recovery times needed for the procedures discussed.  You will come away from the consultation with a firm grasp of surgical choices and what to expect from each, enabling you to make a conscious, informed decision about your next steps. 

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Jonathan M. Sykes, MD
Professor/Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
UCDavis Medical Group
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Sacramento, CA 95817
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