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Facial Rejuvenation for Men

Facial Rejuvenation 
In today’s competitive world, doing well often requires men and women to look their best.  Women have been comfortable with facial plastic surgery as a method to reverse the effects of aging.  Men are now following suit, undergoing many of the same procedures, including face and neck lifts, forehead lifts, eyelid surgery, facial liposuction, and other treatments designed specifically to reduce the sagging and wrinkles that accompany aging. 

Dr. Sykes has performed cosmetic rejuvenation surgery and other procedures on countless men who appreciate the value of maintaining the health and vigor of youth as time moves forward. 

In your case
When you schedule a consultation, Dr. Sykes will talk with you openly and candidly about what bothers you and how best to correct the issues.  He will discuss available surgical and non-surgical procedures and talk about the procedures, their costs and the recovery time needed.  Through this personal dialog, your doctor will be able to provide a recommended plan for treatment, including explanations of the rationale behind their recommendations and possible alternatives.

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