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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery
A facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon fills a very special need for patients born with facial imperfections or who have experienced trauma, burns and other injuries, infections or diseases that have altered their features or skin.   Dr. Sykes takes great care and pride in helping children and adults feel better about their appearance and in the role that plays in improving a patient’s self-image and confidence. 

Reconstructive surgery is where a surgeon’s skill and artistry come together for the benefit of the patient.  Dr. Sykes has performed extensive reconstructive procedures on patients of all ages, often combining surgical skill with the use of lasers, injectable fillers, and microfollicular hair transplantation to achieve the best possible facial symmetry and harmony.  His in-depth knowledge gained through training and experience offer patients an excellent opportunity to look and feel their best. 

In your case
Each patient has unique needs that can be best addressed through a personal consultation.  During your time with the doctor, you can candidly discuss the issues that bother you and find out what treatments and procedures are available to address those concerns.  The doctor assesses the structure and skin characteristics and creates a plan that often draws from several methods, combining treatments to create the best possible outcome.  Dr. Sykes will lay out his recommendations to you and discuss his reasoning behind each procedure so you have a realistic picture of what to expect.  Some people require just one procedure, while others may require a series of surgeries and treatments to create a gradual improvement.


Jonathan M. Sykes, MD
Professor/Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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